What is the procedure for confirming Polish citizenship and obtaining a Polish passport - step by step

The procedure of confirming Polish citizenship and obtaining a Polish passport is quite complicated and demanding, but below you will find our detailed explanations.

The first step is to check if you qualify for the confirmation of your Polish citizenship. To do this, you need to answer the questions from our form, which is attached. We will analyze your information in details and follow up with you via email with additional questions to confirm your eligibility.

The second most important step is to have Polish documents confirming the Polish origin of your ancestors. If you do not posses relevant Polish documents proving your ancestors' Polish citizenship, the first thing to do is to run archival search in Poland (or in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany). In the attachment you will find a file with detailed data on where to search for Polish documents and what documents you need. We assist in archival searches and ordering documents from Poland. The cost of the search should not exceed €250 and depends on what documents are needed and how many generations back. Without proper Polish documents, it is not possible to apply for the confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent. If you do possess some Polish documents, please email copies for us to examine at legallyorganics@gmail.com

If you qualify for the citizenship confirmation process, we have found all Polish documents in the archives and the certificate confirms the lack of military service of your ancestors, we can start work. After collecting all the required documents, your application will be ready in 48 hours and you can submit it at any consulate in the world or in Warsaw.

We will prepare for you a detailed cost estimate of all procedures, which should be closed in €1000 depending on the complexity of the case, and we will also proceed to the stage of ordering all the required documents from Poland and possibly other countries, as well as the apostille clause of each foreign document. 

All foreign documents must be translated into Polish and certified by a Polish sworn translator. The cost of the translation depends on the number of words and ranges from €25 to €100 per page of translation. Our clients are not charged with any VAT.

The official 11-page application should be submitted in Polish. You will receive a form to be completed in Endlish, Hebrew, Portuguese or Spanish and we will make a faithful translation into Polish. Based on the information you provided us, we will generate an application with a barcode, which we submit with attachments to the office in Warsaw based on the power of attorney granted to us. If you were born in Poland, the application must be submitted at the place of your last registration.  

The decision will be made within 2 weeks to 18 months depending on the number of cases examined in Warsaw. A positive decision only affect you, and each family member must submit a separate application. Adults submit applications on behalf of minor children. We have prepared special family packages with big discounts.

If you have a positive decision from the Voivode, we need to transcribe your birth and marriage certificates. For this purpose, we use your original documents (we submit copies at the office, keeping the originals). In order to apply for a Polish European passport after confirming Polish citizenship, Polish birth and marriage certificates must be attached. If you were born and / or married outside of Poland, you must submit translated foreign certificates to the Polish Registry Office and obtain Polish marital status records. 

If you have ever been divorced, changed your name or surname (this does not apply to changing your surname after marriage), you will have to undergo an additional procedure of registering your divorce and changing your name or surname through an official or court procedure.

If you already have Polish civil status records, you can submit your passport application at any consulate in the world or in Poland. You no longer need to fill out the application by hand. Your passport application to the Polish consul can be filed electronically during your passport visit. A consular employee will file your application using an electronic form and you need to confirm that the data are correct by placing your signature on a dedicated device (signature pad). You will also get your PESEL number.  After a few weeks (10 days in Poland) you will receive your Polish passport valid for 10 years.

If you get married or become a parent during this time, please contact us and we will complete an application for your children's passport and the transcription of your marriage certificate or name.