Certified Genealogy searches


- genealogical searches,

- searches for documents in foreign or Polish bodies and institutions,

- survey of data on ancestors,

- filling out the requirements,- translation of letters received from Poland.

In light of Polish law, the obligation to collect and present adequate proof of Polish citizenship rests entirely with the applicant himself.

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What documents must be presented to confirm Polish citizenship?

There is no set of required documents. This depends on each individual cause. With the documentation it is necessary to show that the ancestors had Polish citizenship and that they did not lose it while they lived in Argentina/Israel/Australia/USA/UK (or in other countries where they lived for a long time), and they transmitted it to their descendants, and it is also necessary to prove their relationship with their ancestors who certainly have Polish citizenship. All information contained in the application for confirmation of citizenship must be supported by original documents.

What documents confirm Polish citizenship?

Among the most important documents are: documents of the ancestor who had Polish nationality such as the Polish ID and travel documents (passport, identity card, exile card, certificate / s from the Polish authorities, etc.), other documents regarding emigration (visas, border control stamps, entry and exit permits, tickets for the ship, etc.), Polish military enrollment books, Polish civil registry documents, documents relating to naturalization , certificate of military service and changes in marital status after arriving (marriage).

Which archives do you search for documents?

Absolutely all archives in Poland - as a licensed genealogist belonging to the Polish Genealogical Association, I am able to find absolutely every preserved document.

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