Who is responsible for proving if I am Polish?

The burden of proof is on the applicant. The lack of all original documents may result in a negative decision. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland does not intervene in the extraction of original documents from the archives in Poland. Currently the archive of the Polish Embassy is very limited, the oldest documents from before 1945 were lost during the war, destroyed or transferred to archives in Poland.

I want to confirm my Polish citizenship but I don't have my grandfather's birth certificate - is it an impediment?

Polish citizenship is transmitted by blood, the fact of being born on Polish territory does not necessarily mean that you are a Polish citizen. The birth certificate is therefore not the most important document in the Polish citizenship confirmation process.

Can I extend Polish citizenship to my husband?

Polish citizenship is transmitted by blood. There is no possibility to extend it to the spouse.

My great-grandparents emigrated from Poland before the creation of the independent Polish state (before 1918). Is it possible to confirm Polish citizenship?

In this case, it is more difficult to confirm Polish citizenship, since your ancestors emigrated from Europe probably with documents issued by one of the three states that occupied Polish territory (Russia, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussia).

My ancestors emigrated before World War II from Eastern Poland, currently territories belonging to the States of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, is it possible to confirm citizenship?

The place of birth of your ancestors in principle would not be determined, if you can prove that your ancestors were Polish citizens (they had an identity document issued by Polish authorities, eg passport and / or ID) and subsequent generations have not lost their identity. Polish citizenship.